Reusable Face Mask Sleeve



Why are the fabric masks priced as so?
Fabric masks, unlike single-use masks, can be washed and re-used. The materials used are different (100% cotton), which explains the different pricing.

General hygiene tip/ How do I maintain the cleanliness/ hygiene of my reusable mask?
The fabric masks need to be thoroughly washed daily (we recommend washing masks by hand) after use with a mild detergent and left to dry completely before re-use.

Inserts (E.g. Non-woven materials, surgical masks, nappy liners, dried up wet tissue, kitchen towel) should be changed as often as possible.

Reusable masks help to maintain a certain level of hygiene, when used properly, in combination with other methods such as hand-washing with soap and water.

What is the functional purpose of fabric masks?
According to the Health Sciences Authority (HAS), fabric masks prevent large particles expelled from the wearer from reaching the environment. Individuals who are unwell or with special needs should continue using only the products prescribed, and should not use fabric masks as substitutes.
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