Product Care Instructions



  • Wash the outer pillowcase once before use.
  • Always ensure the pillow does not cover the baby's face when using.
  • Discontinue usage of pillow if inner pillowcase is torn.
  • Keep the pillow dry at all times.
  • Do not leave babies under the age of 12 months unsupervised when using the pillow.
It is common for baby spitting up and dribbling milk with burps or even vomiting. In fact most users experience getting the pillow wet once or twice. Please follow the cleaning and maintenance guide below when needed.


  1. If the pillow gets a little damp, or just a small area wet:
  2. Wash the outer pillowcase.
  3. Sun the inner pillow with strong sunlight for several hours.
  4. Put back the clean outer pillowcase and ready to use.
For a more thorough cleaning process:
  1. Pour the bean sprout husk into a container to sun it (avoid wind).
  2. Wash both the inner and outer pillowcase.
  3. Put them all back together and ready to use.
For severe cases:
  1. Pour out the bean sprout husk into a container.
  2. Soak the bean sprout husk water for 3 minutes.
  3. After soaking, strain away the water with a strainer.
  4. Transfer the husk onto a dry container/tray.
  5. Cover the husk with a piece of cloth to prevent the husk from being blown away when dry.
  6. Sun the husk till completely dry. Shuffle and flip the husk for faster and dry evenly.
  7. While sunning the husk, wash both the inner and outer pillowcase.
  8. Put them all back together and ready to use.
Note: You may also purchase a new bag bean sprout husk refill pack to skip all these steps.


  1. Wash the outer pillowcase regularly.
  2. Sun the pillow under strong sunlight once a while. 


  • Purchase a few more pillowcase to swap between washing/cleaning. (You really are going to need it.)
  • We advise mommy to sleep with the pillow to “scent it” before the baby uses it. The baby will feel more calming by recognising the “mommy scent”.