Reusable Masks FAQ


Why are the fabric masks priced as so?
Fabric masks, unlike single-use masks, can be washed and re-used. The materials used are different (100% cotton), which explains the different pricing.
  • Made with 100% cotton fabric
  • Handmade in Singapore by women from single-parent households and underprivileged families
  Nose Wire Filter Slot Adjustable Elastic Ear Loops
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    Which type of mask should I get?

    Sizes available: (Due to the handmade nature of the product, please allow a difference of up to 5-10mm)

    Pre-School Kids Adult L  Adult XL


    N.A. N.A.

    18cm across

    10cm down



    11.5cm across

    9cm down from centre

    13.5cm across

    10cm down from centre

    15.5cm across

    12cm down from centre

    *Fits tweens, petite face shapes & ladies in general

    17.5cm across

    13.5cm down from centre


    N.A. N.A.

    16cm across

    15cm from bridge of nose to under the chin

    *Fits petite faces & tweens

    18cm across

    16.5cm from bridge of nose to under the chin

    *Fits regular faces


    How to measure:

    General hygiene tip/ How do I maintain the cleanliness/ hygiene of my reusable mask?
    The fabric masks need to be thoroughly washed daily (we recommend washing masks by hand) after use with a mild detergent and left to dry completely before re-use.
    Do not machine wash or put it in a hot dryer as the  fabric will wear down more quickly. Do not soak it with other clothings as colours will run for strong coloured fabrics.
    We recommend getting 2 masks per person so that you can rotate your masks when the other is in the wash.

    Inserts (E.g. Non-woven materials, surgical masks, nappy liners, dried up wet tissue, kitchen towel) should be changed as often as possible.
    Reusable masks help to maintain a certain level of hygiene, when used properly, in combination with other methods such as hand-washing with soap and water.

    How do I make the mask fit my face properly?
    The length of the elastic band is intentionally longer to allow the user to adjust to his/her needs. If the elastic band becomes loose over time or after each repeated use, you can further tighten or replace it with another elastic band of your own.

    View the video below for a demonstration on how to replace the elastic band of your mask:

    What is the functional purpose of fabric masks?
    According to the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), fabric masks prevent large particles expelled from the wearer from reaching the environment. Individuals who are unwell or with special needs should continue using only the products prescribed, and should not use fabric masks as substitutes.

    Why are the elastic bands for some of the masks different?
    We are currently facing a worldwide shortage of elastic bands due to the current demand for elastic bands. As such, we are using elastic bands from a few different suppliers.

    Bulk Order/ Wholesale Orders
    We do take in bulk orders / wholesale orders / corporate orders. Please drop us an e-mail at for more enquiries.

    Additional Notes
    Due to hygiene reasons, masks sold are non-refundable, non-returnable and non-exchangeable. All sales are final.
    Actual product's print placement may differ from that of stock photos

    PRE-ORDERED Masks will be delivered in 7-10 working days

    *Last updated 16 July 2020