Grab and Go Pouch

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The Story

As a designer, my work space is always in a state of "organised mess". Hence I've always wanted something that could wrap up the mess once I'm done with a project and then quickly unwrap the next instance when I start on a new one. 

We worked on various designs and eventually arrived at this dumpling structure as it can flatten completely and wrap up nicely. It's rather practical, and at the same time carries a unique cultural significance.

The Chinese dumpling takes after the shape of a gold ingot, and represents wealth or abundance. For many of us, a gold ingot may add another zero behind our bank balances or it could just be an addition to our wealth. But for the financially disadvantaged, it makes a world of difference – a roof over their heads, having water and electricity, 3 meals a day, proper healthcare, and clothes to wear.

With this, we decided to launch our dumpling-inspired pouch exclusively in conjunction with Festival For Good 2020, to mark our participation in the monumental event especially in the midst of the looming pandemic. We believe that we will advance towards a socially-conscious society as we continue to share our "dumplings” with those who would view it as a world of difference.