Beansprout Husk Pillow "Balloon Animals Cream"

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*Embroidery is limited to 10 alpha-numeric characters including spaces, Applique is limited to 5 alpha-numeric characters

Pillow case + insert (Bean sprout husk pillow)

Fabric Description:

  • Pop! by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Ruby Star Society Balloon Animals Cream
  • 100% Cotton, Imported from USA

    Add-On Name Embroidery or Name Applique:

    • Note that for husk pillow with regular name embroidery, a coordinating fabric may be used. If you’d like to avoid any colours or patterns or do not wish to have a coordinating fabric, please do let us know under “Remarks”
    • Lead time is 7-14 working days
    Benefits of the Beansprout Husk Baby Pillow:
    • Provides comfort and security to baby by simulating the touch of a mother’s hug when placed over the chest and tummy area
    • Calm babies against sudden movements or noises
    • Lightweight and versatile for use while asleep or travelling
    • Amount of husks can be easily add or remove from inner pillowcase
      Product Care:
      • Do not wash insert