Our Beansprout Husks

Our bean sprout husks are sourced from a reliable local supplier with stringent control in the production techniques to assure our customers the highest quality of bean sprout husks that is safe for your baby.

All husks go through a 5 stage cleaning process:

Stage 1: Husks are carefully selected and placed in a temperature controlled washing equipment. Washing process takes 3 days and temperature is set to kill all bacteria.

Stage 2: After 3 days of washing, the husks are then transferred to a centrifugal tumbler drum to begin the first stage of the drying process.

Stage 3: The husks are then spread out for traditional sun drying.

Stage 4: All husks will then undergo a further disinfection and sterilization process by passing through an UV Light Emitting Machine.

Stage 5: The husks are then vacuum packed to ensure no bacterial growth during storage before use.


Is there a smell with the beansprout husk pillow?

The natural earthy scent of the beansprouts husk only last a few days after use. 

Are the pillows washable?

The beansprouts husk pillows cannot be put into the washing machine. Soaking beansprouts husk with water will ruin them, and this is why the pillows cannot be put directly into the washing machine. It is recommended to sun the pillow once a year. The warmth of the sun will refresh your beansprouts Husks. The cotton pillow cover is safe to be washed in the washing machine.

What happens if the beansprout husks get soaked?

Accidents happen, and if your beansprouts husks get soaked, then you need to replace with new ones. Although you can wash in clean water and sundry it, it is not recommended to do it yourself. The husk is very difficult to dry. You can get refill pack to replace. You can write to us if you are unsure at admin@marvelousworks.sg