CUSTOM Husk Pillow

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*Embroidery is limited to 10 alpha-numeric characters including spaces, Applique is limited to 5 alpha-numeric characters

Pillow case + insert (Bean sprout husk pillow)

Approx 17 x 40 cm

Benefits of the Beansprout Husk Baby Pillow
  • Provides comfort and security to baby by simulating the touch of a mother’s hug when placed over the chest and tummy area.
  • Calm babies against sudden movements or noises.
  • Lightweight and versatile for use while asleep or travelling. 
  • Amount of husk can be easily add or remove from inner pillowcase.

Click here for more information about the beansprout husks that we use.

How to customise?

Choose your main fabric:

*Regular name embroidery - Limit to 10 alpha-numeric characters

*Applique name embroidery - Limit to 5 alpha-numeric characters (Additional letters can be purchased at this link

*Note that for husk pillow with regular name embroidery, a coordinating fabric may be used. If you’d like to avoid any colours or patterns or do not wish to have a coordinating fabric, please do let us know under “Remarks”.

Lead time is 7-14 working days.

Product Care:

Do not wash husk pillow insert.