Water Repellent 3D Reusable Cotton Fabric Face Mask Sleeve Insert "Avengers”

Marvelous Works SG

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  • External fabric made of double woven polyester
  • Internal fabric are made from 100% cotton
  • Non-refundable, non-exchangeable, non-returnable due to hygiene reasons
  • Adjustable elastic ear loops that can be tightened or loosened by untying and retying of straps
  • Wire on nose bridge for a more secure fit
  • Inserts not provided
  • Actual product's print placement may differ from that of stock photos

Sizes available: (Due to the handmade nature of the product, please allow a difference of up to 3-5mm)

  • Adult XL - 17.5cm across, 13.5cm down from centre
  • Adult L - 15.5cm across, 12cm down from centre (Fits tweens, petite face shapes & ladies in general)
  • Kids - 13.5cm across, 10cm down from centre (Fits 5-10 year-olds)
  • Pre-School - 11.5cm across, 9cm down from centre (Fits 4 year-olds and below)

      With the right insert, this may be used as a physical barrier to protect you from droplets of body fluids.

      For effective protection, please ensure that:

      • A melt-blown non-woven material* is used for the insert
      • The insert is frequently replaced (Every 2 - 3 hrs)
      • The fabric mask is washed on a daily basis
      • The right size is selected for best fit

      Melt-blown non-woven material can be commonly found in:

      • Dried up wet tissue
      • Gauze
      • Tampon
      • Diapers, nappy liners and incontinence products
      • Non-woven microfibre fabric

      General Product Care Instructions:

      • Fabric masks only offer some form of protection e.g. when you go for a quick errand run in a non-crowded place.
      • If you are unwell or going to a potential crowded place, please use an appropriate surgical mask.
      • To offer a higher degree of protection, each face mask is made of 100% cotton and a slot at the back where you can insert your own DIY, dispose-after-each-use filter e.g. folded kitchen towel or dried wet wipes.
      • Please only hand-wash the fabric mask with soap and water; and air-dry it before your first use and after each repeated use.
      • Do not machine wash or put it in a hot dryer as the fabric will wear down more quickly. Do not soak it with other clothings as colours will run for strong coloured fabrics.
      • The length of the elastic band is intentionally longer to allow the user to adjust to his/her needs.
      • If the elastic band becomes loose over time or after each repeated use, you can further tighten or replace it with another elastic band of your own.